Well Folks!
It has been one of the best tours yet and it’s thanks to you for your wonderful support that you have shown us through out the last 3 months on the road. It is for sure sad that we have said goodbye to our European, UK and Irish fans and family but it is also with great pleasure that we are preparing for another run of launching the new album “Do Tell” in Australia for the first time. Thank you Australians for being so so patient as we will be releasing the album through Planet Company Records in the beginning of October.

We are so chuffed about seeing you all again too it has been too long as we will be commencing the tour of “Do Tell” album launch 2nd week in November 2014 and can’t wait to see you all.

There are so many people we would like to thank while we were across the seas including the unofficial rider of home made elderflower cordial that was presented at a gig – never have we had to bargain a CD for this rare specimen! Fitzy loved it by the way.

We must say that the support and calibre of people that still get out there and enjoy live music is overwhelming from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland and the UK. It is the personal touches that we seem to always take away with us where people go out of their way to be kind and welcoming. It has seemed that in Europe we could not fault the home cooked meals there waiting for us when we arrived nearly every night not forgetting the Hat Fitz & Cara’s chowder challenge in Ireland. It was a fare toss up between Kenny’s in Lahinch and West port’s Wyatt Hotel – wow both were knock out!

We are at the moment preparing for the Memphis Blues Challenge on the 24th Aug at Lefty’s Old Time Music hall in Brisbane so please cross your fingers for us as we would love the opportunity to head over and represent the Australians in Memphis at the showcase.

We are also excited to announce that there will be a new video out with the release date.

Also no van this year as we have upgraded to proper beds even to the point in Switzerland where we had separate rooms; of course Fitzy was knocking on my door at ungodly hours – “Is that why they call it morning glory?!” Anyway without further we just wanted to keep you in the loop with where we’re at and that we’ve had an absolute ball with you all and looking forward to starting the tour of the new album with you very soon please keep a check on the sight for new dates of the tour and also already we have put up some pre tour gigs up and around the sunshine coast.

Taker easy and keep in touch 

Cheers Hat & Cara